Carlota Home Bakery

Carlota Home Bakery: There are a few things we expect when in search of a good coffee or pastry first thing in the morning. The first is obvious: it has to be delicious or we wouldn’t return. Second, it better be fast, we might choose to linger but overall we just need that Americano or Latte, and we need it stat! Third, we want to feel happy when we are there; we love a place that makes us want to order more or just sip our coffee a little more slowly. Carlota has all those bases covered. It is a beautiful, first-class little home bakery. Small with just a couple tables inside and a few more outside, Carlota offers a simple menu with fresh juices, coffee and of course, pastries! Located on Calle 16 between 5th & 1st Ave, it’s open daily from 7am to 10pm.


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