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f you are looking for property management for your private property or condominium, please get in touch to inquire about our services.

Latido de Mexico offers full service private property management as well as HOA administration in Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Meet The Team

Monica Hartlief
Monica Hartlief-
Originally from Amsterdam, Monica moved to the sunny skies and warm Caribbean waters of the Riviera Maya in 1999, where she first developed a career as a PADI recreational scuba dive instructor and course director. Prior to Mexico, Monica worked as a project manager and consultant for various ICT and telecommunications companies in the Netherlands. Monica’s professional experience gives her the expertise and skills she uses daily to lead the property and HOA management services team of Latido de Mexico. She pays great attention to detail, is highly organized, and has a keen knowledge of Playa del Carmen, Playacar, the Riviera Maya area and community. She is fluent in Spanish, English and Dutch.
Mercedes Magaña Somellera
Mercedes Magaña Somellera-
Mercedes is from the city of Juarez, Chihuahua in the northern part of Mexico. Before working for Latido de Mexico, she worked at an international mining and construction company. Mercedes has been with LDM almost from the start. She’s in charge of the operational side of managing buildings, so she oversees the work done by our staff in the common areas. She also coordinates and plans the maintenance done on our properties. Mercedes knows all the good palaperos, aluminum workers, technicians, people at CAPA, CFE, the city, and more. Her phone makes even more buzzing, beeping, and vibrating sounds than Monica’s. In her free time, Mercedes enjoys reading and being inspired by books. More than anything, she enjoys spending time with her grandson Diego.
Fernanda Zarzosa
Fernanda Zarzosa-
Fernanda is originally from Veracruz, México. There she studied Tourism Administration. Fernanda is LDM’s administrative assistant and can be found in the office on Calle 44 from Monday to Friday from 11am until 4pm. Fernanda works closely with Monica to deal with all administrative tasks. She is very detail-oriented, always has a smile, speaks Spanish and English and knows everything about Playa del Carmen. It is hard to believe she only moved here in 2013. Fernanda enjoys going to the beach and spending time with her dog Kyra. She also likes to explore and learn about the beautiful places that surround Playa and the Riviera Maya.
Bernardo Frias Herrera
Bernardo Frias Herrera-
Bernardo is from Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico. Before Latido de Mexico, he worked as a supervisor of heavy machinery and labor for a contracting and building company. Bernardo is in charge of the maintenance done by LDM. Generally, if Bernardo can’t fix it, we get specialized help. He also supervises the maintenance staff that work at several of the buildings we manage. Bernardo is one of the few men that work full-time at LDM, and his wife and four daughters have given him a lot of experience working with women! When not working hard for LDM, Bernardo spends time with his family and pets, and he also loves to work on cars.
Alejandra Valdez Ramírez
Alejandra Valdez Ramírez-
Ale is originally from Cuernavaca, Morelos. She has over 8 years of experience in human resource management, organizational structure, and operational personnel management. Ale is the operational manager of several condominium buildings that are being handled by Latido de Mexico. Needless to say, she is a great addition to the Latido de Mexico team.
Lydia Copado
Lydia Copado-
Lydia is originally from Querétaro. She has been living in Playa del Carmen since 2011. She had always dreamed of living in the Caribbean and feels very lucky to have made this dream come true.

Lydia worked in the food and beverage industry for 10 years before joining Latido de Mexico. She is very sociable and always provides new and creative solutions.

In her free time she likes to workout, meditate, get to know new places and people, and when possible, she likes to travel.

Noemi Romo Cuellar
Noemi Romo Cuellar-
Noemi, or Mimi as we call her, comes from Aguascalientes in North-Central Mexico. Looking for new adventures and with a desire to live close to the beach she came to Playa 10 years ago and never left. She is passionate about travel, wine, food, music, and art. Mimi is a high energy person, loves to have fun, and is always trying to be a better version of herself! Great qualities that come in handy while being in charge of Latido de Mexico’s customer service.
Olga Sanchez Arias
Olga Sanchez Arias-
Olga is originally from Tabasco and moved to Playa in 2003 in search of work and a new life. Olga has literally climbed up the ladder in Latido de Mexico and is an integral part of the team. She has been taking English classes and is more than happy to practice the new found knowledge with owners and staff. In her spare time Olga likes to ride her bicycle, workout at Zumba, and dance. And she’s very good at it too!
Mariana Cervantes
Mariana Cervantes-
Mariana, originally from Mexico City, has been in Playa over 15 years. For many years she worked in the dive industry as a dive instructor and dive center manager. In 2018 she decided to join the Latido de Mexico property management team. She is a high energy person with a happy and positive outlook on life. She likes to learn new things every day and to meet new people and discover new places. She loves good wine, good food, and good conversations … and we love that she has joined the Latido de Mexico team!
Yari Farias
Yari Farias-
Originally from Celaya Guanajuato, I was born on March 15, 1996. I have 2 sisters. We moved to Playa del Carmen when I was 13. I studied marketing and advertising design in Cancun for 4 years and started working at Latido de Mexico in November 2018. Before that I worked at Universidad Oriente as a sales promoter and organizer of student events. In my time off I love camping, horse riding, visiting cenotes and beaches. I enjoy nature and spending time with friends, family and my dog Cajeta. I’m always willing to help, most of the time I’m in a good mood, I consider myself an empathetic and supportive person. We totally agree with you Yari!

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