Trujillos Cantina De Selva

Trujillos Cantina De Selva: Another great place on Calle 38 with a great atmospehere to eat, have drinks or just hang out in a wonderful, romantic but yet eclectic jungle setting. The refined Mexican food with a modern flare is amazing. With very common ingredients, the chef achieves wonderful things and simple flavors, but at the same time also complex with passion and love. The drinks are always perfect, the staff is friendly and attentive and they have good music too! Bring your Latido de Mexico Top Picks Card and receive a 10% discount.



We often get asked where we ourselves like to hang out, have dinner and drinks, or book local travel and activities with. Therefore, we’ve put together a list of our Top Picks. We’ve also managed to get you some great discounts at these places which will hopefully make them even more attractive for you. Click to know more.

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