Beach Clubs

Playa del Carmen has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and there are lots of wonderful beach clubs where you can enjoy great food and drink and keep your toes in the sand.

We went out, did some research, and found our favorite beach clubs. These are the ones we think you’ll enjoy the most — we certainly did! Use this page as a guide and find your own favorites.

Public Beaches

All beaches in Playa del Carmen are open to the public by federal law. So that means you can put your towel down on the beach wherever you’d like. If you want to use lounge chairs, the pool, bathrooms, or other facilities of a beach club or resort, there may be a fee or restrictions.

The easiest way to get to the public beaches is where the streets [calles] of Playa del Carmen meet the beach. Direct access to some beaches is restricted because a hotel or a private home has a concession on the beach (mostly in areas such as Playacar Phases I and II), but there are still several beach access points there, too.

Public beaches are maintained by the city and the beaches are typically cleaned of seaweed and garbage every morning. Resorts and big hotels maintain the beaches in front of them. There are also several lifeguard stations on Playa del Carmen’s main beaches.

Grand Coral Beach Club

Grand Coral Beach Club: An intimate beach club located inside the Grand Coral Resort area [at the far north end of Playa del Carmen], this offers beautiful soft sand beaches in a private setting. Two infinity-style pools overlook the remarkable view and there are several beds with curtains for extra privacy. This is a fantastic place for families, couples or people looking for an escape and a nice meal.

Kool Beach Club – Calle 28

Kool Beach Club has a very mellow atmosphere and serves food all day long [including a breakfast buffet]. Lounge chairs and beds with giant pillows on the wide area of beach make this a great chill-out spot during the day and an excellent place to dance to a live DJ at night. There’s a small swimming pool up on the deck overlooking the beach as well.

Mamitas – Calle 28

Mamitas Beach Club is a large, full-service beach club on one of Playa’s widest stretches of beach. Beds with canopies and DJ music during the day make this a fun, trendy destination. The restaurant menu consists of traditional fish dishes along with hamburgers, pasta and breakfast is also served. This beach club is right next to Kool and is host to several annual festivals, like the Riviera Maya Jazz Fest [November].

Coralina Daylight Club – Calle 26

Coralina Daylight Club: Nestled between the Grand Hyatt and Kool Beach Club, Coralina is a new daylight club known for its excellent sushi and hamburgers. More high-end than most of the other beach clubs, this place is about seeing and being seen as you party by the pool in your most fashionable swimsuit, drink in hand, to hot electronic beats. There are private luxury tents as well as a dining area and lounge chairs on the sand under red umbrellas.

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  • Indigo Beach Club

Indigo Beach – Calle 14

Indigo Beach is a perfect place to start your day in Playa del Carmen, with a fantastic breakfast buffet including cereals, fruits and cheeses and also a breakfast menu to order. It’s a good place for families, couples, groups or individuals looking for good food and drink with restaurant style seating and lounge chairs on the beach. Its central location is easy to get to and the size of this beach club is smaller than the others listed here.

Lido – between Calle 10 & 12

Lido: Looking for the quintessential beach bar? Lido is a great spot, complete with bar swings! Connected to Hotel Colibri, it’s in the heart of downtown Playa del Carmen. You don’t need to be staying at the hotel to enjoy a day here. Loungers and umbrellas are free to use with a minimum consumption. Lido also offers 3 different types of beach beds and there are tables and chairs of course. Dial down the stress even more by booking a massage right here. There’s live music regularly and the prices are reasonable for such a central waterfront location. In addition to all that, the highlight of this place has got to be the service. Lido’s staff are super attentive!

Zenzi – Calle 10

Zenzi’s has the laid-back feel of a rustic restaurant bar that you may have found back in Playa del Carmen’s early days. They have lots of special events including live music, parties, movie showings and beach BBQs. Their drinks and appetizers are quite good. There is indoor seating back behind the bar and tables and lounge chairs under palm trees right on the beach. This is a great place to hang out with some of Playa’s local expat crowd. It’s right across from the El Faro lighthouse.

INTI Beach – Calle 6

Inti Beach: On the beach between calle 4 and 6, you might remember this place formerly being a holistic center. Newly renovated, INTI has a serene, Balinese vibe that’s easy to love. If you want a quieter, ultra-relaxed beach setting with a view, this is a good option. During low season (generally May – October), the minimum consumption to hang out here is 350 pesos per day, and during high season the fee is 500 pesos. INTI’s menu is fantastic; they are known for their fresh ceviche and deliciously healthy smoothies. Enjoy an indie film under the stars to finish off your perfect day.

Fusion Beach Bar Cuisine – Calle 6

Fusion Beach Bar Cuisine, you want to visit this beach club for a typical Playa vibe, funky and laid-back. Every day from early morning to late at night Fusion offers a unique beach concept: awesome food and drinks, massage, sun beds, and of course live music every day at 6 pm. You don’t want to miss the famous fire show at 11:30 pm. Fusion is also home of Aloha Paddle Club, a Caribbean SUP experience you should definitely check out!